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States meeting in Convention:
where Americans, together, will find the solutions to the most pressing problems facing our nation.


To return the states to their constitutional role as part of the checks-and-balances system that protects our liberties and freedoms.


To facilitate the first-ever Article V General Convention in American history.


  • Provide a politically-safe path for legislators regardless of party affiliation: ACF is the only Article V organization working with state legislators that is not promoting a political agenda or specific amendments. Our only aim is to facilitate a General Convention where state legislatures are able to address their own concerns and those of their constituents.

  • Prepare for litigation and maximize the probability of a favorable outcome for the states: ACF is the only Article V advocacy organization that is preparing to support the states beyond achieving the 34 applications necessary to trigger the call. Our plan prepares the states for litigation, and a General Convention offers the states the best opportunity for a favorable outcome.


  • Organize the states that have already submitted applications for an Article V General Convention to affirm that their applications remain valid and in force, and that they expect Congress to discharge their duty to call the Convention.

  • Work with additional states to remove limiting language from an existing application, or pass a new application for an Article V General Convention to attain the 34 applications needed to trigger the Convention.

  • Equip State Attorneys General for litigation to compel Congress to call the Convention, should it be necessary.

  • Hold a pre-convention assembly to prepare state legislatures to effectively participate in the Convention.

  • Provide the states with logistical support from pre-convention all the way through ratification, including facilities, security, communications, media, and legal support.