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Recent pioneer thinking, scholarship, and experiences have provided a solid foundation for advancing Article V as a remedy for numerous constitutional issues.  For pioneer thinking, Robert “Bob” Berry provides novel ideas in his ebook, Amendments without Congress:  A Timely Gift from the Founders (2012).  Here is an excerpt:

[Thomas] Paine’s words ring especially true regarding our present situation.  As he observed, “there is something very absurd, in supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island.”  How much more absurd is it today, the whole of our country’s land-mass and its 310 million inhabitants is ruled with an iron fist from a 68-square mile swamp along the Potomac.

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ACF research and subsequent Strategic Initiative have drawn extensively from the excellent work from others in the Article V movement.  Their research has been evidence-based and very useful in supporting the need for and feasibility of a convention of states.  Although not comprehensive, the following information centers have been particularly useful for ACF efforts.

The State Legislators Article V Caucus

Article V Information Center, a Project of the Independence Institute

Center for Constitutional Reform, a Project of the Heartland Institute

The Article V Library, a Public Resource for Article V Research

Friends of the Article V Convention (FOAC)

Although not specifically focused on Article V, Constituting America provides excellent educational resources on the United States Constitution.