The American Constitution Foundation (ACF) was formed for the sole purpose of restoring the Constitution as the governing document for America

Americans are discovering and then supporting a United States Constitution Article V movement--in particular the alternative means for proposing amendments to the Constitution through a Convention of States.  There are mounting reasons for such a Convention, and they generally relate to an expanding centralized National Government that has powers well beyond those intended by the United States Constititution. 

It is fitting that we refer to the administrative state as a ‘state,’ for it has become a sovereign power unto itself, an imperium in imperio regulating virtually every dimension of our lives. Its nearly 450 agencies are manned by legions of bureaucrats, now numbering almost 2.7 million. In 2013 alone, 3,659 final rules were issued, adding 26,417 pages to the Federal Register. All told, the Code of Federal Regulations contained 175,496 pages of regulations spread out over 235 volumes as of 2013.
— Charles J. Cooper, “Confronting the Administrative State,” National Affairs, Fall 2015