Why ACF doesn’t advocate for specific amendments

There are currently over a dozen Article V advocacy organizations, counting millions of Americans among their supporters, actively lobbying state legislatures across the country. They have convinced both Republican- and Democrat-controlled legislatures to submit nearly three dozen new applications to Congress in just the past 5 years, bringing the nation’s total to almost 300 active Article V applications. Clearly, state legislators want to meet in convention to discuss our nation’s problems and propose amendments to address them. And although the naysayer arguments are easily dismantled with the facts, we still haven’t had a Convention. Why?

These organizations are all lobbying for limited-subject applications. Wolf-PAC, for example, is working for a Convention in which the only amendments on the table must address campaign finance reform; US Term Limits is working for term limits on members of Congress; BBA Task Force is working for a Convention limited to proposing a balanced budget amendment; and so on.

Most of these initiatives, because of their subject matter, messaging, or both, have been perceived as too partisan, politically risky, or benefitting too few people to merit legislators’ limited time and attention. Consequently, support for the current advocacy organizations is divided, and no single effort has amassed enough applications to call the Convention.

State legislators require a clear, politically-safe path if they are ever to realize the opportunity to exercise the power granted them in Article V. The only way to avoid these pitfalls is by allowing state legislatures to meet in convention representing the concerns of their own constituents, rather than having their options curtailed or the agenda dictated to them ahead of time by a lobbyist or big-money donor who very likely doesn't even live in their state. This is why ACF has chosen to refrain from advancing any agenda other than getting the states to Convention, where they will exercise the authority granted to them by the Constitution to set their own agenda.

ACF is the only Article V advocacy organization working with State Legislators for an Article V Convention in and of itself…not using Article V to advance a political agenda or to secure specific amendments.